What is the maximum amount that I can sue for in the Small Claims Court?

A. The Monetary jurisdiction in Small Claims Courts in Ontario is $25,000.00, however if you have a Claim for more than $25,000.00 but prefer to sue in the Small Claims Court to get faster results and to avoid incurring higher legal fees, you are allowed to reduce the amount of your Claim to $25,000.00 to stay within the Small Claims Court jurisdiction. You should also note the maximum amount of $25,000.00 only includes the principle portion of your Claim and you are allowed to ask for your legal costs and interest in addition to the principal amount of your Claim.

Do I need to know the address of the person I am suing?

A. Yes, however, you do not necessarily need to know the residential address of the person you are suing since the person could also be served at his/her work.

I just found out that there is a Judgment against me but I never received a Claim. I do have a Defence to the Claim. What should I do?

A. We can help you with bringing a Motion to set aside the Default Judgment, however you have to move fast as soon as you become aware that there is a Judgment against you.

Does the Small Claims Court provide interpreters or do I have to bring my own interpreter?

A. While the Government of Ontario provides free interpreters in some courts ( e.g. Criminal Courts) if you require an interpreter in the Small Claims Court, you would have to bring your own licensed interpreter.